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The IGT mbH, the LogoMotive GmbH and the Rörden GmbH newly found the company rail³ GmbH with its head office in Salzgitter. 

The newly found company rail³ combines the recognised competences for the areas of assessment and inspection (for DeBo, NoBo and AsBo). Above that rail³ can offer all connected services starting with acceptance all the way to zero fault verification. 

Executive director is Dipl.-Ing. Björn Vitt.


LogoMotive GmbH

LogoMotive dimensions the mechanical total system of the vehicle and optimizes the single components. We analyze the vehicle behaviour in the transportation system taking into consideration the interaction between vehicle and track. We prepare documented evidences considering the safety of the transportation system and investigate its risk as well as the reliability.


Ing.-Büro Rörden GmbH

Ing.-Büro Rörden was established in 2007 with the objective of providing railway-related expert opinions and testing services for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).