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Quality Control

The purpose of quality control is to use independent tests and assessments to ensure that all relevant requirements are met even before the rolling stock is integrated into the rail vehicle.

Quality control ensures that the installation of all system components is checked according to the requirements to achieve the correct functionality of the safety system both in normal operating conditions and in case of system failure. Additionally, within the framework of our program, we perform sample / type tests, including the required documents, in accordance with national and European requirements.

Independent tracking and monitoring of the production process is part of our standard quality control program. In addition, with our EVU tool, you can perform load measurement, peak runs or commissioning with test objects, regardless of the vehicle manufacturer. Your operator can accompany us on these trips.

A requirements-based procedure which directly and completely, independently and impartially verifies the fulfilment of the requirements set, evaluates and documents the results is proven to be advantageous for our Customers.