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In today's modern rail industry, a professionally managed risk management procedure (RMV) is a 'MUST HAVE'. Regardless of whether it is a technical, organizational or operational change, if it is security relevant it must always undergo a criticality test in accordance with Common Safety Methods (CSM-VO). This is where issues of implementation, objectivity, and system accountability come into play/ picture, including exactly where the impact of planned changes begins and ends.

  • When and by whom is significance determined? (Assessment Performed)
  • How do I find the Assessment Body AsBo?
  • When should AsBo be included?
  • What do I need to submit to AsBo?
  • How will you document your risk management process in the most targeted way possible?
  • Which departments have a role in this process?

Before the risk management process comes to a termination due to too many iterations between the "Applicant" and AsBo, it is advisable to be prepared and know the answer.

Here we help you with:

  • Online consultation / workshop to clarify initial / primary questions on CSM regulation
  • Webinar on Creating a Successful Risk Management Process Flowchart
  • "Seminars as training for applicants (online or onsite/ In office)"
  • A workshop to train CSM inspectors

In this process we present the assessment in accordance with the requirements of the risk management process and the CSM regulations, not only from the "applicant's" point of view, but also for future CSM inspectors from the point of view of an assessment body.

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