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4. Railway Package

Current developments in the field of Vehicle Homologation with many new stakeholders, new terms and abbreviations often make it difficult for applicants / petitioners to find their way and follow the correct steps. Things get complicated while making modifications to an existing vehicle. Depending on the type of registration/certification, applicant must decide which actions to take in each case of registration. In practice, not only new rolling stock already approved according to the railway package, but mostly existing rolling stock approved according to IBG/EBO § 32 or even vehicles from the Deutsche Reichsbahn or Deutsche Bundesbahn days.

This raises the question about ‘signatory of the vehicle type approval’ / officials for vehicle homologation

Despite the complexity, please note that all these vehicles may require partial modifications to be homologated / registered under the new regulations. Provisions that are necessary but usually create difficulties for those responsible. Is your vehicle already registered? The responsibility for vehicle and infrastructure compatibility must be redefined and managed by EVUs with the keyword "Route Compatibility Control". Times change quickly, and according to the 4th Railway Package, there are always questions in everyday life that are difficult or impossible to answer for vehicles and drivers.

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