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Testing laboratory

Our testing laboratory is eager to face new as well as existing challenges in the operational and technical railway vehicle sector. Therefore, a detailed knowledge of new and innovative vehicle systems and their test environment is crucial which is the demand to our testing laboratory.

Due to the constant changes in the railway approval sector and to secure and extend our knowledge as well as to continuously develop ourselves, our testing laboratory is accredited by the DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 in the following area of expertise: Functional tests on rail vehicles.

On this foundation, we provide the required evidence according to our customers’ needs in the context of functional tests on railway vehicle level.

In the non-accredited area, we offer a wide range of additional engineering services.

It is our objective to use synergies between tests on vehicle level as well as virtual test environments. As a result, we are able to evaluate and organize the testing effort efficient and reliable. It is our ambition to gain objective test results which are independent and impartial.

Even complex tasks in difficult test environments are executed professionally and the results are documented in accordance to the input requirements as well as in a traceable manner. The testing laboratory provides the necessary technical and operational resources with the required flexibility for the test tasks we are faced with. We have extensive knowledge and experience for functional tests in the railway operating environment through our in-house railway undertaking (EVU).

Based on our test methods we develop test specifications, execute tests and conduct the overall system validation all from a single source.

Synergies for our customers evolve in particular from the competences of the testing laboratory combined with the independent and impartial assessment by our inspection body and our railway undertaking (EVU). Through this integral network, we lay the foundation for a requirement-based, efficient, targeted and on-schedule execution of projects.