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  • What are our areas of Operation?

    We are service providers for overall vehicle system.

    According to customer requirement we perform essential process steps on various life cycle stages in order to fulfil approval requirements. While performing the Evaluation we not only consider the test results and document inspection but also we perform comprehensive examination of overall system. We standout from various other Inspection and testing agencies due to our unique evaluation process and superior customer service.

  • Why should you choose us for your projects?

    We are an ideal partner for you as in addition to our superior level of flexibility and trustworthiness, we also understand your requirements and conduct in depth analysis of the facts to produce the long lasting project outcomes for you and your clients.

  • How extensive is our range of services?

    Our range of services covers the entire product life cycle of the Rail Vehicle.

    IGT differentiates out from the majority of service providers in the market as we are not only engineering service providers but also Railway undertaking which provides you desired service with no interruptions and the necessary technical/operational expertise.

    Thus we offer our customers everything needed for a successful project starting with...

    • the creation of the requirement specifications,
    • the sequence planning for the single-track tests,
    • the necessary applications for all permits and technical-operational network access,
    • the civil engineering classification,
    • the application for the bridge compatibility tests,
    • the examination and evaluation of the harmlessness,
    • through the execution of the test and transfer runs with all necessary tests
    • up to the expert evaluation

    This is applies for both new vehicle registration and testing, evaluation of modified vehicles.

    Also, if customers are looking for a professional manufacturer independent quality inspector, from body-in-white to commissioning and acceptance testing, IGT is the 1st choice as a total service provider.

    In addition, we are the first point of contact for our customers for all acceptance activities for new vehicles and after scheduled inspections in accordance with EBO.

    The evaluation of necessary restoration measures on accident vehicles and the transport of these vehicles to the maintenance plant are of course also part of our range of services.

  • Do we have a quality control system?

    IGT is QM certified according to ISO 9001, thus regularly audited internally and externally.

  • Why we accompany our operational test managers for test runs?

    In addition to the locomotive drivers, operational test managers are necessary for safe execution of test runs. They are integral part of supplementary provisions of the licenses issued by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) for performance of test runs.

    The operational test manager is the first point of contact for all those involved in the test runs. He ensures compliance with the regulations for carrying out test runs and carries out safety briefings on site. During the test drives, the operational test manager supports the measurement/test team with operationally relevant information and coordinates the tests and measurements in the operational environment.

  • What is difference between Test drives and Transfer Runs?

    See our explanation in Railway Transport Company/ Railway Technology section: Test Drives vs Transfer Runs.

  • Which skills/Qualifications our employees possess?

    Most of our employees are engineers, but some of them also have experience of driving trains. Additionally, we employ train drivers with special operational and technical qualifications.

    The Federal Railway Authority recognizes some of our engineers as experts.

    Naturally, commercial employees also play a role in IGT's financial success.

    In the meantime, IGT makes use of a network of various service providers to concentrate on its core operations for the long-term benefit of its clients.

  • How do I make complaints and objections to IGT mbH?

    IGT welcomes written objections and complaints at any time, without restriction, and in an informal manner. If important, kindly utilize the accompanying email address for this reason: info(at)igt-bahn.de

    In addition, you can request a description of our complaints handling process via this email address.

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