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ETCS Fundamentals

European train control system "ETCS" is an important part of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System). ERTMS is being more and more popular / important day by day as this is harmonized European system for controlling and monitoring rail traffic.

In addition to the already existing ETCS train paths (VDE 8.1, VDE 8.2), further train paths will be upgraded to ETCS train paths. Vehicles will also have to be equipped or retrofitted with the ETCS system for the future. We wish to introduce you to the fundamentals of the ETCS system in our seminar, covering both the infrastructure and the vehicle sides.

We will provide you with the following information during the seminar:

The overall ETCS System:

  • Overall system functionality
  • European Specifications
  • Various levels and scenarios
  • Equipment specifications/implementation period
  • Current status of implementation in the EU

ETCS on Traction unit:

  • Components in the vehicle and their functionality
  • Commissioning / malfunctions
  • Function and operation

ETCS on Infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure components
  • Interaction with the vehicle components
  • Practical example based on video recordings during ETCS guided journeys

How the seminar will be conducted?  

We are FLEXIBLE!! Seminars can be delivered / conducted online or at your office or in the training room at IGT mbH.

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