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Safety Certificate

Since 2010, we have an A and B safety certificate, which allow us to freely offer our services in the EU. With this certificate, we are listed as an EVU in the German (Deutschland) safety certificate category in the ERADIS database.

We clearly distinguish ourselves from our competitors on the market and we consider this certificate also as a proof of the quality of the safety management system "SMS" implemented.
Renewal of safety certificates (SiBe A / SiBe B) was permitted in 2015 by application of Regulation (EU) No. 1158/2010. The safety certificate is therefore valid for the provision of rail passenger and goods transport (without Hazardous goods) except for express traffic.

Since 27 November 2020, IGT is one of the first German EVUs to receive the German ERA Single / Uniform, Safety Certificate according to the 4th Railway Package. The new Single / Uniform safety certificate is valid until 26th November 2025 and is therefore an important building block for the future IGT. This means that IGT is the only EVU in Germany that complies with test and transfer run requirements using approved and unapproved vehicles for passenger and freight transport, including high-speed vehicles in accordance with 4th Railway Package with certification on its Single Safety Certificate.