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Test Runs

If you want to test, we are happy / here to help you with the application process of the Eisenbahn Bundesamt and DB-Netz AG, including the creation of the certificate concept.

We are happy to provide the necessary operation’s person (train drivers, operational test drivers, etc.) and arrange the necessary schedules for the success / favourable outcomes / positive results of the test run.

Test Run is required as part of the Commissioning Authorization Procedure. It is a legal requirement for the Eisenbahn Inbetriebnahmegenehmigungsverordnung (EIgV).

Tests require a permit and are called test trains according to 408.31-37 if they deviate from the following parameters:

  • Allowable axle load and vehicle length weight
  • Applicable reference line dimensions
  • A prescribed and properly operated train radio and train control system
  • Prescribed braking distance, or
  • Permissible speed