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Railway Transport Company / Railway Technology

Railway Transport Company

We are experts in performing complex test drives as part of "Route Compatibility Inspections", vehicle modifications, and vehicle approval.

Additionally, we are able to perform complex tasks, such as transfer runs of homologated as well as non-homologated vehicles, cross-border transition journeys, the examination and transfer of accident Vehicle (accident management), test runs with non-homologated ATP systems, etc. 

We also conduct Measurement Runs under Standard operating conditions. Our train drivers have extensive understanding in the area of Rail vehicle Technology and some of them are Engineers.

The EVU is able to complete all of the necessary documentation and approvals for test runs and trials. We use proven verification methods and if required apply risk management procedures to ensure the safe operation of the test object in the public railway environment. An independent third-party assessment of the safety will be a key part of our "Declaration Statement” to meet our customers’ expectations.

Railway Technology

The railway technology department has specialists who monitor, assess and document compliance from manufacturing to acceptance testing.

Deviations from specified requirements are identified during production-related controls. This is done, for example, by checking bogies and wheel sets or by visually inspecting car body and checking functional requirements as part of acceptance tests.

Based on the functionality tests, we check whether the vehicle meets all the requirements for operational safety and usability.

Our specialists are also qualified to test train control systems on rail vehicles.