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Testing body

Our testing body is motivated to rise to new and consisting challenges at operational and technical vehicle environment. Therefore we deal detailed with new and innovative vehicle systems and their test environment.

We use the benefits between the tests at the vehicle and your virtual test environment. So we can create the inspection efforts solution-oriented and dependable. Our aim is it to achieve the best result for you.

We are able to achieve the best results in difficult task and to document them for you. We have large skills and experiences for tests in the railroad business environment.

That is the basis for a targeted and traceable test realisation and documentation. Moreover we have the flexibility to provide the necessary personnel and time resources for your project.

We are your reliable partner from the creation of a test specification till to the validation of the overall system.

Benefits are given, if the competence of the testing body be connected with our inspection body and the EVU. With this strong alliance you are able to handle your comprehensive projects efficient, target-oriented and on time.

According to the changes in the railway homologation sector, we have accredited our testing body according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

With this accreditation we are allowed to carry out functional tests on railway vehicles in accordance with the appendix of our certificate D-PL-19130-01-00.

We clear the track for you